DIY Camera Bag

We don’t often report on DIY tactics… but we liked this camera bag that was made on the cheap. In fact, it cost less than $10 to build.

The bag was purchased from a Thrift Store.
The foam was recycled from different packaging boxes, cut to fit and glued together.
Dividers with velcro attached, help create “compartments” and keep things tight.

It can carry a full size camera with lens attached, two additional lenses, a charger with spare battery, cables and even a pack of gum. That’s not counting all the extra pockets that can be stuffed full for a day of awesome, gorilla street photography. We were even able to strap a mono-pod between the lid and body of the bag for travel.

DIY Camera Bag bag2 bag3 bag4 bag5 bag6 bag7 bag8

The Curiosity Shoppe

Along with posts about awesome hand-made goods and the artists who create them, expect a host of reviews and articles as well. Art shows, studios and other collaborative efforts are some of the topics that will get action. This is an older article, but still one of the coolest, creative outfits in Texas.

limeartcollective and the curiosity shoppe

Click the image to view the full article by Apartment Therapy.

Davis Street Mercantile

Our friends at Davis Mercantile rehab vintage furniture and build custom pieces. They also sell found objects and things they like (Art, Photography, Lighting etc). Check out their on-line inventory for the goods.

Davis Street Mercantile is in Oak Cliff, Dallas TX. opened by the husband and wife team, Joe Ramirez & Amy Thomasson Ramirez. They had their Grand Opening back in March 2012 and continue to bring the hits.  The shop is an eclectic mix of re-purposed mid-century modern furniture, custom pieces by Joe, and a showcase for young artists. Click here to take a look at some of their awesome stuff.